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inside tyre machine and balancer                                                                                                                                         Worn tyres can cost lives 
wear indicators are set at 1.6mm minimum legal limit.
A new study, which tests the effects of tyre tread depth on straight line braking & cornering in wet conditions, proves that the stopping distance of a car at 50mph on tyres which just 1.6mm tread depth (the legal minimum legal requirement) increases by up to 37% - or 8.8 metres compared to a new tyre 6.7mm
A stopping distance of 8.8 metres is equivalent to more than 2 car lengths and could make the difference between knocking over & potentially killing a pedestrian.
It has been proved in independent tests that in wet braking stopping performance is severely reduced at 3.5mm tread depth or below .
altyre services recommend tyre replacement at 3mm to stay safe
if unsure call us we will check tyres for you.
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